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Tiffany Alexy


Tiffany Alexy is a young entrepreneur with a passion for real estate and building businesses. Raised in Cary NC, Tiffany received her Bachelor's Degree in 2012 from UNC Chapel Hill and her Master's in Global Innovation Management from NC State University in 2014. Tiffany's early career experience involved working for a variety of organizations, from a fledgling real estate start-up to a large national mutual fund company. However, she soon realized her temperament and work style were better suited toward a life of entrepreneurship.

Though she had been investing in real estate since college, Tiffany dove into real estate sales full-time in 2016. Her experience investing in properties in the Triangle gave her a distinct competitive advantage, leading her to be named a multi-million dollar "Top Producer" at her firm in just her 2nd year of real estate.

An avid follower of the Boglehead philosophy of investing, Tiffany believes in building streams of long-term, passive or semi-passive income with the goal of financial freedom sooner rather than later. Given her extensive background in finance (which also included involvement in a fintech startup), she thoroughly understands the roles of both real estate and the public market in a truly well-diversified and stable investment portfolio.

Shannon Kyle

Client Coordinator

"After spending 2 years in residential appraisals, Shannon discovered a love for all things real estate.  Her appraisal experience gave her a knowledge of the industry from another perspective.  Using that knowledge, Shannon became a real estate broker to provide transaction coordination support for real estate agents. Leaving the appraisal industry behind, she began working one on one with agents providing boutique style contract to close coordination and have thoroughly enjoyed working with agents to build their businesses the last 3 years."

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